Making It Real

I think that it’s about time that I actually started blogging here as well in the other areas that I do so. It’s a really exciting time for me. I have taken the big step and have decided to try to pursue my administrative services full-time. I figure that here would be a great place to chronicle that as well as post updates on projects and other things of interest.

It can be a bit stressing and exciting making that first step. I’m still tentative in doing so because, I think this is the only way to convey the feeling, I’m stepping out on faith. I am trying to do something that I’ve wanted to do for years. I officially created my business in October 2011 but have been somewhat apathetic in making it more than a small web presence and a few tweets and mentions here and there.

I recently left a “comfortable financial” career and am now trying to put to use all of the skills I amassed during that time. Sure, like the next person I’m a little tentative. Am I good enough? Will I fail or be successful? All these questions are not far from my mind. However, I don’t suppose it’s really meant to be easy, certainly not a first.

I’ve just completed several projects. They include two website builds (using for each) as well as a LinkedIn and résumé project for a client. I’m working on closing a deal on Elance as a moderator and am looking forward to the future. I assure you, I’ve not yet made much money at all but I am gaining experience and building up a client base. I intend to remain the sole proprietor of my business and its only employee. I’m confident that with my very large family and their network of friends I should at least be able to pick up a few odd jobs here and there as well. There is nothing wrong with having your family provide you with work opportunities (even if you do it for free). This will help you gain the experience you need. Besides, if your family can’t tell you the truth to your face, who can?

All this is to say, if you’re trying to operate a small business, so am I. I’ll do what I can to post and discuss my first-hand experience. Feel free to ask me questions or lend your support!

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